Semenyih win shows Chinese, Indian votes no longer a factor, says Khaled

Umno vice-president Khaled Nordin says Malay unity contributed to BN’s win in Semenyih. (Bernama pic)

PETALING JAYA: Umno vice-president Khaled Nordin has attributed Barisan Nasional’s win in the Semenyih by-election to the unity of the Malays, saying it also showed that non-Malay votes in the constituency were irrelevant.

“The signs are clear that BN has regained the support of the Malays,” said Khaled, who noted that Malay voters’ turnout was 59% for the polls yesterday when compared to the 35.33% during the 14th general election.

In a statement today, Khaled also said BN won without Chinese and Indian support.

He said it was clear the Malays had become united to fight for the larger Malay agenda.

“When Malays unite with a sole objective, the Chinese and Indian support is no longer a deciding factor,” said the former Johor menteri besar.

However, he said BN needs to work harder to regain Chinese support.

He said the Chinese and Indians need to understand that the Islamic-Malay narrative is indispensable when considering Malaysian politics.

Khaled also thanked PAS for their support in fighting for the Malay agenda, saying the Umno-PAS collaboration has resulted in a clear Islamic political influence.

“Semenyih is a referendum to show that PPBM can never replace Umno and PAS in championing the Malay agenda,” he said.

Another factor which showed the Malays’ declining support toward PH, according to Khaled, were the crossovers of former Umno MPs to PPBM.

“Collecting these party-jumpers doesn’t strengthen PPBM.

“The more crossovers accepted, the more hatred the Malays have for PPBM being a party without principles,” said Khaled.