Despite MCA, MIC’s objections, Nazri says he will attend BN meeting

BN secretary-general Nazri Aziz says he is not racist, and MCA and MIC need to accept the cooperation between Umno and PAS.

KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional secretary-general Nazri Aziz says he will be attending the coalition’s meeting this Friday where it will discuss its fate, despite MCA and MIC’s objections to his attendance.

Speaking to reporters after an Umno-PAS press conference, Nazri urged MCA and MIC to attend the meeting as his position as BN secretary-general can also be discussed then.

He added he was ready to resign if his appointment as secretary-general was illegal, as alleged by MCA and MIC.

Yesterday, MCA and MIC resolved that Nazri’s appointment last September was not in accordance with the BN constitution.

MCA president Wee Ka Siong and his MIC counterpart, SA Vigneswaran, said the BN constitution stipulated that the secretary-general should be appointed by the BN chairman after consultation with the Supreme Council and will hold office for two years.

However, they said Nazri’s appointment had never been discussed or officially approved in the BN Supreme Council even though it was announced by BN chairman Ahmad Zahid Hamidi during the opening of the MIC general assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre on Oct 27.

“If my appointment is illegal, it’s not a problem, I will quit. It must follow the rules.”

On a separate matter, Nazri said the cooperation forged between Umno and PAS needs to be extended to other BN component parties.

“This cooperation must be between BN and PAS because if it is just Umno and PAS, it looks too Malay. If between BN and PAS, it’ll look more multiracial.”

In any case, he said MCA and MIC need to accept the cooperation between Umno and PAS.

“I feel whatever it is, the interests of the Malays and Islam must be prioritised without the interests of the others being sidelined. I am a not racist, as people seem to think.”

He added that the cooperation between BN and PAS did not mean the non-Malays would lose out.

“That will not happen,” he said.

Nazri added the issue of BN’s possible dissolution depended on the consensus of all component parties.