2 Muslim medical bodies support compulsory vaccination

The health ministry intends to make at least two vaccines compulsory. (AFP pic)

KUALA LUMPUR:The Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia (Imam) and Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (Fima) fully support compulsory vaccination for babies and children to ensure there are no defects and deaths among them.

In a statement, Imam president Dr Jeffrey Abu Hassan and Fima Coalition Advisory Council chairman Dr Musa Mohd Nordin said that vaccine rejection from anti-vaccine groups is based on unfounded allegations.

“Medical professionals have made it clear that vaccines prevent defects and deaths.

“Smallpox, which took 300 million lives in the 20th century, has been eradicated with the smallpox vaccine.

“Polio will also be eliminated soon. Religious authorities have also maintained that vaccines in Malaysia are halal,” said the statement.

It was reported yesterday that the health ministry is considering making at least two of 12 vaccines under the national immunisation programme compulsory, as proposed by the Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA).

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad said the proposal requiring vaccination for the MMR vaccine, meant to prevent measles, mumps and rubella, as well as the diphtheria vaccine will be finalised soon.

“Imam dan Fima also support compulsory vaccination in line with ‘Maqasid Shari’ah’ (the attainment of good), where preserving and saving a life is the next important step to preserving one’s religion.

“Therefore, we fully support all efforts to make vaccinations a must for babies and children according to the schedule determined by the health ministry so that no lives are lost due to the failure to adhere to the national vaccination programme,” it said.