Arun Kasi challenging AG’s move to frame contempt of court case

Lawyer Arunachalam Kasi, better known as Arun Kasi.

PETALING JAYA: Lawyer Arun Kasi is going against Attorney-General Tommy Thomas’s attempt to set aside a leave application to initiate contempt proceedings against him for allegedly scandalising Federal Court judges.

Arun’s lawyer S Chandran said the application was filed yesterday and would be heard on March 13 in the Federal Court.

“A number of pertinent constitutional questions have been raised in the motion,” he told FMT.

Arun, whose real name is Arunachalam Kasi, courted trouble when his two articles in reference to allegations of judicial misconduct and removal of certain parts of Court of Appeal judge Abdul Hamid Abu Backer’s dissenting judgment were published in the Aliran online portal recently.

Chandran said this included questions as to freedom of speech and restrictions imposed in Article 10(2)(a), the scope of contempt in Article 126, the limits of the AG’s power in Article 145, and impact of the doctrine of separation of powers entrenched in the Federal Constitution.

On Feb 27, a three-member Federal Court granted an ex parte application by Thomas for leave to initiate contempt proceedings against Arun, who allegedly criticised a proceeding and decision of an apex court bench delivered last year.

The judges’ decision allowed Thomas to frame against Arun charges that were also scheduled before the apex court on March 13.