Scammers now using Guan Eng’s name

The finance ministry has also become the target of a cheating syndicate.

PUTRAJAYA: The public has been reminded to be alert following an online cheating case using the names of the finance ministry and its minister, Lim Guan Eng.

Lim’s press secretary, Lutfi Hakim, said irresponsible quarters had used a document format and postal address which appeared “official” to confuse the public and to cheat.

He said this matter came to light when an individual from the Philippines had sent an e-mail to the official address of the ministry to get confirmation whether a letter he received was genuinely issued by the ministry.

He said the individual had received an e-mail from the ministry’s e-mail address together with a letter dated March 4 which contained the signature of the finance minister.

‘’The e-mail and letter stated that the finance ministry had confirmed that a United Nations’ diplomat by the name of ‘Bleck Dildrop’ had been authorised by the ministry to handle the individual’s transaction.

‘’The individual was told to make a payment of US$30,000 to the diplomat following which Dildrop would send a valuable box to his address in the Philippines.”

Lutfi said the letter contained Lim’s signature in his capacity as the finance minister and a member of the “Government Secretariat Executive Council”.

He said the finance ministry and Lim had never issued such a letter and had no knowledge of the box for which a hefty payment had to be made, as stated in the letter.

The letter was fake and had been issued for the purpose of cheating, he added.

Lutfi said a police report had been lodged at the Dang Wangi district police headquarters on the matter.

He advised the public to seek confirmation on any information on the finance ministry through official channels or by contacting its official website at