Court allows bail for teens accused of killing Cradle Fund CEO

One of the teenagers charged with the murder of Cradle Fund chief Nazrin Hassan being taken to court.

SHAH ALAM: The High Court here has allowed two teenagers accused of murdering Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan to be released on bail pending their trial.

High Court judge Ab Karim Ab Rahman said granting bail for non-bailable offences such as murder is not an extraordinary practice.

“The court previously granted bail to a teenager accused of killing his tuition teacher’s child,” he said.

He added that the boys are presumed innocent of the charge until proven guilty.

The court set bail of RM50,000 with two sureties for each of them.

“The boys’ bailors must not be their family members who may be called to testify in the trial later,” Ab Karim said.

The teenagers were also told to report to a police station near their home each week, and to be housebound between 6pm and 6am.

They were told to surrender their passports to the court and warned not to disturb potential witnesses in their case.

“The bailors must make sure the boys attend court when they have to,” Ab Karim added.

The boys filed applications for bail after one of them claimed he was sexually and physically assaulted while in detention.

They were charged with murdering Nazrin between June 13 and 14 at his Kota Damansara home last year. Nazrin’s widow, Samirah Muzaffar, is also accused of murder.

Nazrin’s case was initially classified as sudden death. Police reclassified it as murder after investigations found traces of gasoline at the scene.