Siti Kasim slams new Bar president for kicking out watching brief lawyers

Lawyer Siti Kasim.

PETALING JAYA: Lawyer Siti Kasim today accused the new Bar Council office bearers of “unceremoniously” kicking out existing watching brief lawyers for several high-profile court cases.

In a Facebook post this evening, she said the lawyers were told the new secretary, Salim Bashir Bhaskaran, would now be in charge of the watching brief group.

“You think you are the president of the Bar, you can do what you like, Fareed? Think again.

“Don’t treat us like trash as if we are nothing,” she said on newly-elected bar president Abdul Fareed Abdul Gafoor.

She said she and other lawyers were invited to be a part of the watching brief group, and have been offering their services for free long before the new office bearers were elected.

At the Bar Council’s first meeting of 2019/2010 on March 16, Fareed was elected as the new president, replacing George Varughese.

The Bar Council members also elected Roger Chan Weng Keng as vice-president and Surindar Singh Chain Singh as treasurer.

When contacted, Fareed said no one had been kicked out as alleged by Siti and other lawyers.

He said the office bearers had only decided to streamline and to make it more structured, due to an increase in matters which require a watching brief.

He added that Bar Council members will be informed of the new structure soon.