Amanah to axe members in cahoots with Mohd Nor

Negeri Sembilan Amanah chief Zulkifli Mohamad Omar says Mohd Nor is a nobody.

RANTAU: Negeri Sembilan Amanah said today that it would revoke the memberships of anyone involved with newly-joined member Mohd Nor Yassin’s decision to contest in the by-election here as an independent.

The state chief, Zulkifli Mohamad Omar, said that Mohd Nor Yassin, a former PAS member, could have entered the race to sabotage Pakatan Harapan.

“Our friend, this independent candidate known as Mohd Nor Yassin, had his membership revoked. For me, this is quite serious, and as for his supporters, we will revoke their memberships too.”

Zulkifli said Mohd Nor had joined Amanah last month while the party was busy preparing for the by-election. “We didn’t know he had joined,” Zulkifli said.

However, he was confident that Pakatan Harapan’s efforts in Rantau would not be hampered. He said Mohd Nor’s participation did not imply that there was unhappiness among some in Amanah.

He said Amanah fully stood by the PH decision to field Dr Streram Sinnasamy of PKR as the candidate. The Mohd Nor incident has inspired party members to work harder to ensure that Streram would win, he said.

“For me, there is no need to investigate why he did this,” Zulkifli added. “He was just a normal member, a nobody. He will like it if I talk more about him. He has no influence in Amanah anyway.”

On speculation that Mohd Nor has “finished his job” by creating a negative perception of Amanah, as he was not to be found on the campaign trail, Zulkifli said Mohd Nor was simply being dramatic.

On Saturday, Amanah vice-president Husam Musa said Mohd Nor’s membership in Amanah had been automatically revoked when he decided to contest for the state seat.

After being announced as one of the four candidates, Mohd Nor said he had supported all parties in the past, and that he was on a mission to bring about Islamic development here.

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan later revealed that Mohd Nor had joined Amanah on March 10, in response to the disclosure that Mohd Nor had contested on a PAS ticket in the 2018 general election in Gemencheh.

The Rantau by-election is a four-cornered fight among Streram, Umno acting president Mohamad Hasan of Barisan Nasional, and independents Mohd Nor and Malar Rajaram. Polling takes place on April 13.