Don’t go off half-cocked, Rafidah reminds ministers

KUALA LUMPUR: Cabinet ministers were advised today not to be too eager in announcing new government policies without having carried out studies beforehand.

They should also avoid using social media to make announcements about government policies, former international trade and industry minister Rafidah Aziz said in a press interview.

She said a minister should ensure that studies and plans were ready and complete so that no problems would arise when the government’s policies were announced.

“Before making an announcement, the minister has to finish the discussions with all stakeholders, so that they will receive feedback and when the announcement is made, it is effective and everyone can accept it,” she said.

“But the eagerness to make an announcement before doing any studies is a problem. The prime minister has to save you, your friends have to save you… That is what people say ‘bohong sunat’ (white lies) because you want to save yourself,” she said.

“It is all right to make an explanation on social media, but not to the extent of announcing government policies. If there’s a mistake, there needs to be further explanation… People will be disappointed,” she said.

Rafidah’s remarks were made at a Bicara Minda dialogue with Sinar Harian this afternoon.