Tornado-like waterspout accompanies welcome rain in Penang

The waterspout swept along the coast, taking about 40 minutes to subside.

GEORGE TOWN: After a dry spell of more than a month, Penang welcomed substantial rainfall to the island today, with a waterspout spotted off the waters of Tanjung Bungah.

Videos taken at 1.30pm showed the waterspout, which looked like a mini tornado, close to the coast of Tanjung Bungah Park.

It swept along the coast, gradually decreasing in speed as it veered towards the island. The videos, which have gone viral, show what appears to be a zinc roof whirling above it.

Waterspouts are not new to Penang, but this particular column took about 40 minutes to subside as opposed to previous waterspouts which only hovered around the Penang Bridge for about five minutes.

According to Accuweather, the wind speed around the area exceeded 20km/hour, with thunderstorms expected across Penang over the next two days.