Goat feast pledge shows BN out of touch with people, says PH by-election candidate

Dr Streram Sinnasamy having lunch with PH leaders. On his left is Negeri Sembilan state executive councillor Nicole Tan, who is DAP’s Bukit Kepayang assemblywoman.

SEREMBAN: PKR’s Dr Streram Sinnasamy said today the promise of a “goat feast” by a Barisan Nasional leader if the BN’s Rantau state seat candidate were to win in the by-election shows the BN is out of touch with the people.

“That was the strategy the BN used in the past, and frankly, this is why they have no idea what the people need. They don’t need goats. What they need are basic amenities,” he said. “They need better transportation services, healthcare, and housing.

“Even if you give them goats today, what are you going to do after April 13? Are you going to continue giving them goats?” The Pakatan Harapan candidate was referring to the polling day for the by-election.

Streram was asked to comment on former Melaka chief minister Idris Haron’s promise to sponsor two goats for a feast to voters in Taman Angsamas, Seremban, if BN candidate Mohamad Hasan obtained at least a 300-vote majority in the polling district there.

Streram declined to comment if this was flirting with the Elections Offences Act 1948. “I won’t say it could be an election offence. Let the Election Commission look into it,” he told FMT.

Mohamad himself chastised Idris for making the promise, saying it was wrong. “He can’t make promises like that. If he promised that, forget it, it’s his problem. We will deal with him.”

Meanwhile, Streram today urged Mohamad, his main rival in the Rantau by-election, to declare his assets after Mohamad said there was no need to do so as he was no longer menteri besar.

Streram, who declared his assets to Invoke Malaysia leading up to GE14, said even if there was no legal requirement to do this before taking office, transparency was necessary.

“I think every candidate should declare his or her assets. But it’s up to him. It’s his prerogative to do this or not,” Streram told FMT after having lunch with PH Youth and Wanita leaders.

“To me, anyone standing for public office to become a representative of the people should declare their assets for the public to know. Transparency is very important, even as a state assembly candidate.”

Mohamad had earlier today said that he had since liquidated his assets as he did not have an income now.

“I’ve had to sell off my house, my car and the land in my name to reduce my commitments because I have no more income, just a pension,” he said.

“Now that I have no more positions, no need to declare assets.”

Mohamad had also said that he previously declared his assets regularly to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission – both as menteri besar and Rantau assemblyman.

The issue of asset declaration was raised at a ceramah by PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail last night. He asked how much wealth Mohamad had as he had refused to declare his assets.

Mohamad, at a press conference today, said it was important for government officials and ministers to do this as they were holding office.

He added that there was no need for Streram to declare his assets too.

Streram today said he would make public his asset declaration once more if he became Rantau assemblyman. “Once I am elected, I will re-announce my asset declaration to the state government.”

Streram, who was earlier in Mambau and Sendayan was also asked to comment on Mohamad’s announcement that former prime minister Najib Razak would be in town to campaign on his behalf.  To this, Streram said he was not concerned with the “Bossku’s” influence on the ground.

BN leaders have alluded to their recent Semenyih by-election victory, the second win since May 9, due in part to Najib’s popularity on the ground and the “Bossku” phenomenon, a movement in support of Najib.