Indie candidate forced out of PKR’s 20th anniversary function

Malar Rajaram holding her manifesto and asking to meet Anwar Ibrahim.

RANTAU: A scuffle took place at the PKR 20th anniversary event here tonight when independent candidate Malar Rajaram was stopped from meeting party president Anwar Ibrahim to pass him her manifesto.

Malar, who had been waiting from 9.30pm for Anwar, was forcibly removed from where Anwar was by men whom she claims were his bodyguards after the Port Dickson MP arrived at Dataran Rantau here at 10.20pm.

She stood her ground for a few minutes, holding up her one-page manifesto that was folded in half.

She said she would leave if she was allowed to pass Anwar her manifesto.

“It was a friendly act,” she yelled back as she was forced out.

At least four men in PKR caps as well as PKR supporters asked her to leave, blocking her from coming nearer.

Malar Rajaram being asked to leave the PKR 20th anniversary function in Rantau.

When she did not, they started to push her out of the venue, with Malar shouting at them to stop, questioning their “keadilan” (fairness) in kicking an “innocent person” like her out.

One Indian supporter was heard shouting for her to leave, telling her they had already asked her nicely to leave and not to cause trouble.

Some PKR supporters were also restrained from getting into a scuffle with two men who had come with Malar tonight.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Malar said she had come to meet Anwar and not to cause trouble. She said she had been excited to meet the man in person.

“But I was not allowed to see him. As an independent candidate, I have a right to meet him. Why not?

“I just wanted to pass him my manifesto. I only came to meet him as he is the PKR president but I was not allowed inside.”

She left the scene shortly after.

Malar is one of the four candidates in the fight for the vacant state seat of Rantau.

PKR has nominated Dr Streram Sinnasamy to represent the party in the polls.