Philippine troops rescue Malaysian hostage in southern Philippines

The Malaysian captive was rescued from the Abu Sayyaf on Simisa, a remote island in Banguingui, Sulu. (Reuters pic)

MANILA: Philippine marine troops rescued a Malaysian kidnap victim in the southern Philippine Sulu province yesterday, Xinhua news agency reported, quoting a military source today.

Brig Gen Divino Pabayo said the victim, Jan Abdullah, was rescued at 4.25pm on Thursday on Simisa, a remote island in Banguingui, Sulu.

Abdullah was shot by his Abu Sayyaf captors while fleeing and was later found by the marine soldiers, Pabayo added.

He said the marine troops immediately airlifted Abdullah to a hospital for prompt medical attention.

Pabayo said there were no casualties on the government forces side pursuing the Abu Sayyaf bandits.

“This latest tactical gain of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Sulu was made possible through the continued support of the peace-loving Tausug communities,” Pabayo said.