Najib laments drop in Tabung Haji dividends

Former prime minister Najib Razak speaking to a crowd at a ceramah in Seremban.

SEREMBAN: Najib Razak today lamented the drop in Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) dividends for pilgrims, calling it the worst in Malaysian history.

“We were waiting for the drop in petrol prices, but instead the dividends dropped. I am very sad,” the former prime minister told a crowd of over 500 at a ceramah here tonight.

Earlier today, the pilgrims fund announced a dividend of 1.25% amounting to RM913 million for the financial year 2018, a sharp drop from the 6.25% dividend paid out for the previous year.

Najib, who is also the former finance minister, said the reason the dividends declined was due to the fall in stock prices.

He said after the May 9 polls, the stock market lost as much as RM270 billion, adding that during his time as the prime minister, the stock exchange was at the “highest level”.

“But they (the government) will blame us (Barisan Nasional).”

Najib had earlier said Pakatan Harapan should just hand over the reins to the BN if they could not administer the country or manage the economy.

The ruling coalition, he added, should stop blaming the BN for its shortcomings, especially in fulfilling the promises made in their election manifesto.

“You have been here for 11 months, what have you been doing?”