Mat Sabu hopes son gets fair trial in looming drug charge

Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu reiterates that no one is above the law.

PETALING JAYA: Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu today confirmed that his son who was arrested for a drug offence early this year will be charged in court.

“No one is above the law, my son included. I just hope he will get a fair trial,” the Amanah chief told FMT today.

Saiful Islam, 31, was one of two men who reportedly tested positive for ganja (cannabis) during a police operation in Kuala Lumpur which nabbed over 100 people.

Mat Sabu said then that he would let the law take its course in dealing with his son’s case.

“I am committed to the principle that no one is above the law. But I also hold dearly to the principle that a man is innocent until he is proven guilty in a court of law,” he told FMT on Jan 5.

At the Dewan Rakyat today, Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said investigation papers involving the son of a federal minister had been submitted to the Attorney-General’s Chambers.