JKR puts down rumours that it is being sold off

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PETALING JAYA: The Public Works Department (JKR) has answered rumours that it had been privatised, saying that there was only a preliminary study being carried out into the possibility of turning the department into a government corporation.

In a statement today, JKR said the study was still at an early stage. “If the study finds the main factor cannot be fulfilled, the proposal will not proceed,” JKR said, Bernama reported.

In the past week, various postings have been made on social media alleging that the government had sold off JKR and its assets to private hands.

The JKR statement today said the study would look into various internal and external factors and the long-term impact of corporatisation. Efforts would be made to ensure that the results of the study and any recommendations made would be organised, transparent and of the best benefit to the government.

“It is JKR’s aim to ensure the study will benefit all its stakeholders, especially JKR members, industry players, the people and country,” it said, according to Bernama.

The department said the interests of JKR staff was protected by a Service Circular in 2000, which clarified that any corporatisation had to ensure that the new terms and services package was not less favourable than that offered in the civil service.