National taekwondo athlete ordered to apologise to senior citizen over assault

The visually and hearing-impaired 71-year-old says he was screamed at and assaulted by the athlete at an LRT station two years ago. (AFP pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: A national taekwondo athlete was ordered by the Sessions Court here today to apologise to a visually and hearing-impaired senior citizen after she assaulted him at the Putra Heights LRT station two years ago.

The order was made in chambers by Sessions judge Lalilatul Zuraida Harron in allowing a civil suit filed on Dec 6, 2017 by Placid P Rodriguez.

The 71-year-old filed the suit against Nur Dhia Liyana for attacking and kicking him.

Rodriguez’s lawyer, S Arunan, who informed reporters of the decision after the chamber proceeding, said Lalilatul Zuraida ordered Nur Dhia Liyana, 25, to submit a written apology published in the print media within a month from today.

“The court also ordered the athlete to pay RM1,000 in general damages, RM88 in special damages and cost of RM1,000 to the plaintiff,” he said.

In his statement of claim, Rodriguez stated that on July 6, 2017, he took the LRT to return home from work.

On arrival at the Putra Heights station, he let other passengers alight from the train first to avoid being pushed.

Rodriguez said he then walked out of the LRT station towards the platform and was pushed by the athlete.

He said he was in shock and through a hearing aid, he could hear a woman’s voice scolding and screaming at him using words that embarrassed him.

Rodriguez also claimed that the athlete assaulted him despite him pleading for her to stop and that the incident was recorded by a closed-circuit television camera at the LRT station.

He claimed the incident caused him to suffer pain, mental and emotional distress, as well as to be in trauma to go out alone.

Rodriguez was present in court accompanied by family members.