KJ and Kula in spat over video urging Indians to back Streram

A screengrab of the video featuring Human Resources Minister M Kula Segaran.

PETALING JAYA: M Kula Segaran and Khairy Jamaluddin got into a war of words on Twitter over who’s playing the race card ahead of the Rantau by-election tomorrow.

This followed the emergence of a video featuring the human resources minister on the micro-blogging site seemingly playing the race card when canvassing for votes for Pakatan Harapan in the by-election.

In the 58-second clip, which caught the former Umno Youth chief’s attention, Kula was seen addressing a crowd at a ceramah and was heard saying that he would be embarrassed if the Indian voters did not back Streram.

“Streram is from our community. We are of the same blood. What will happen if we do not support our own community?” the Ipoh Barat MP said.

Kula also claimed that the Indian community would never approach ministers from other races to resolve their problems.

“This is because they (Indians) feel happy when they go to a Tamil (Indian) minister,” he added.

The DAP politician also spoke of his preference to eat at Indian restaurants when he visits Rantau.

“We go to Tamil (Indian) shops. Why? Because this is our community.”

This led to Khairy asking if the translation provided in the video was correct.

In response, Kula uploaded a comment piece he wrote in 2007 where he claimed that the former minister had offended Hindus and the Indian community by attacking Indian news vendors at the Umno general assembly.

“This never required translations eh YB?” Kula wrote.

But Khairy explained the context of the said speech, saying he was talking about one of the objectives of the New Economic Policy, which was to eliminate identification of race by economic function.

“Now what’s the context of your speech delivered just yesterday during a by-election campaign? Don’t deflect,” the Rembau MP said.

To this, Kula told Khairy not to take a “holier than thou” attitude and said he should have told the Indian voters how he had run down “the hard-working Indians”.

“You humiliated the Indians and that’s okay? Don’t be a hypocrite.”

To this, Khairy wrote: “Bit hot under the collar, YB? Good luck with your Malaysian Malaysia.”