Musa attends state assembly in first since losing CM post

Musa Aman arrives at the state assembly building today.

KOTA KINABALU: Sungai Sibuga assemblyman Musa Aman attended the second day of the Sabah legislative assembly sitting today, his first appearance there since losing his chief ministership to Shafie Apdal.

Musa arrived at the assembly building at around 9.57am, where he was greeted by about 50 supporters mainly comprising Sabah Umno members.

He sat in the front row of the opposition bench, directly opposite Shafie and next to Sabah opposition leader Jeffrey Kitingan.

He also took part in the question-and-answer session, locking horns with Shafie and Infrastructure Development Minister Peter Anthony before leaving an hour later.

When met on his way out, Musa said he is in the pink of health, giving the thumbs up to his supporters.

“I will try my best to be the opposition chief. I will only address the other questions when I am ready,” he said when asked whether he too would join PPBM.

Kitingan, who is presently Sabah opposition chief, leads the nine remaining opposition assemblymen in the state legislative assembly.

Nine former Sabah Umno assemblymen joined PPBM on April 6, further strengthening the Warisan-led government bench.

Musa, who had been on medical leave since last year, must attend at least one session of the sitting each year in order to keep his Sungai Sibuga seat.