Perak water treatment plant still inoperable, says SPAN

The Ayer Ganda water treatment plant supplies water to 312 user accounts in the area.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ayer Ganda water treatment plant which was shut down on April 9 has not been allowed to resume operations as there is still arsenic residue in its raw water source.

The National Water Services Commission (SPAN), in a statement, said the arsenic content in the raw water source exceeded the standard set by the health ministry based on the National Water Quality Standards.

“SPAN, as a water service industry regulator responsible for ensuring water supply that is safe and fit for drinking, has no immediate plans to resume operations at the Ayer Ganda plant,” it said.

It added that the Perak Water Board (LAP) is ensuring the supply of water to consumers in affected areas through the deployment of nine tankers and 13 static tanks placed at strategic locations.

“For the long term, LAP has begun installing 11.5km of piping from the Lawin plant to supply water to Kampung Ayer Ganda, and this is expected to be completed by mid-June,” it said.

LAP suspended operations at the Ayer Ganda plant in Gerik on April 9 after a high amount of arsenic was found in water samples taken in Hulu Perak.

The plant, which produces 0.68 million litres of water per day, supplies water to about 312 user accounts in Kampung Ayer Ganda.