Malaysia’s strength depends on support of all ethnic groups, says Anwar

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.

NILAI: Malaysia will not be able to stand strong with support from only one ethnic group but will grow stronger if it is supported by all ethnic groups in the country, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said.

“Yes, as Malays, we have to be strong because we are the majority of the country’s population, but to be a strong nation, we must have the support and integration from other ethnic groups,” he said at the Meet [email protected] (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia) programme here last night.

The programme was also attended by Senate Reform Working Committee chairman Mohd Yusmadi Mohd Yusoff and USIM vice-chancellor (Students Affairs and Alumni), Assoc Prof Mohd Rushdan Mohd Jailani.

However, Anwar, who is also the Port Dickson MP, said that as a Malay leader, he firmly believed the country should get back on track to fulfill its promises based on the fundamentals in the Federal Constitution.

The fundamentals include upholding Bahasa Melayu as the national language, preserving the special rights of the Malays, the sanctity of Islam as the religion of the federation and the position of the Malay Rulers.

“These fundamentals have been agreed upon and will not be compromised,” he added.