BN stays out of Sandakan by-election

KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional is staying out of the Sandakan by-election on May 11, the deputy chairman of the opposition coalition, Mohamad Hasan, said tonight.

Speaking after a BN supreme council meeting, Mohamad said no candidate would be fielded by any component party of BN.

He said the decision was taken after long discussions and took into account the fact that the seat was previously contested by a local Sabah component party.

BN’s Sabah component parties withdrew from the former ruling coalition after it lost power to Parti Warisan Sabah and its allies in Pakatan Harapan last May.

The Sandakan seat fell vacant on the death of the MP, Stephen Wong Tien Fatt, last month. wong, who was Sabah DAP chairman and state minister of health, had been MP for two terms.

Nominations for the by-election will be accepted by the Election Commission on Saturday, with early voting on May 7 and polling on May 11.