No split, only ‘Team PPBM’, Muhyiddin says on talk of rift with Dr M

PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin with chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Muhyiddin says there is no conflict among top PPBM leaders. (Bernama pic)

MUAR: PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin today dismissed talk of a split in the party, saying there is no “Team Muhyiddin” and “Team Mahathir”.

Speaking at a press conference here today, he said there is only “Team PPBM”, adding that there are no problems in his relationship with Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is prime minister and chairman of the party.

He said those who were making up stories to tarnish PPBM’s image should cease doing so, and that it is the norm for members of any organisation to have differing views. However, this should not be seen as a conflict or split, he added.

“We have worked hard to forge good cooperation with parties such as PKR and Amanah, so much so that we have been successful and today we are in the government. As such, we (in PPBM) are very much aware that unity and cooperation are very important.

“It is important to ensure that this cooperation carries on. There has been no conflict among the top leaders from the time that PPBM was established until today,” he said.

Muhyiddin also dismissed talk and media reports that several members of the new line-up of Johor state executive councillors were from the so-called Team Muhyiddin, as reportedly alleged by Mazlan Bujang who was dropped as a state executive councillor.

The new Johor menteri besar, Dr Sahruddin Jamal, has also denied this, saying that he picked the new state executive councillors himself. Sahruddin replaced Osman Sapian who resigned as the menteri besar.

Muhyiddin also said that when Mazlan was in the state executive council, he never said that he was in Team Muhyiddin.

“It is not good for anyone to state that there is this team or that team. There are no teams. When I established this party, I only had Team PPBM in mind or, for that matter, Team Pakatan Harapan.

“As such, it is not proper to make such statements. We are in one coalition. We have to cooperate and set aside differences or dissatisfactions, no matter what.

“Focus on efforts to support the (Johor) state government leadership and implement development efforts,” he said.