We followed procedures, LHDN says after banning actress from travelling

Actress Diana Danielle.

PETALING JAYA: The Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) today defended its decision to blacklist an award-winning actress from travelling overseas, saying it was merely following procedures.

In a statement, its public relations officer Masrun Maslim said LHDN would bar individuals from travelling abroad if they fail to settle their income tax despite being issued reminders.

“And even then, we will inform taxpayers that they will be barred from travelling through the mail,” he said.

Masrun went on to advise taxpayers, including celebrities, to avoid airing their grouses on social media.

“It is not going to resolve anything and will only complicate matters as it is giving the wrong impression to the public.”

Earlier today, actress Diana Danielle took to Instagram to vent her frustrations after she was barred from flying to Japan as she allegedly owed LHDN RM350,000.

She said she has settled all her taxes and claimed LHDN owed her RM100,000 in refunds, which she has been seeking since last year.