Come and see us, taxman tells actress Diana Danielle

Diana Danielle (Facebook pic)

JITRA: The Inland Revenue Board imposes income tax on each individual according to procedures and information available to the agency, said IRB’s deputy chief executive officer (Compliance), Abdul Manap Dim.

He said that if taxpayers were dissatisfied with the tax imposed, they could protest and seek clarification from the IRB.

He was asked to comment on the outburst by actress Diana Danielle, who was unhappy after being blacklisted and prevented from leaving the country due to income tax arrears estimated at RM350,000.

“Actually IRB’s actions are in accordance with procedures, and IRB’s interpretation is in accordance with the information available, so I call on the artiste to make the necessary assessment, if the individual comes to the IRB office, we will attend to her.

“All our taxpayers follow the procedures and any taxes collected and if dissatisfied the taxpayer has room to protest and bring the matter to court,” he said when met by reporters at an IRB’s event today.

Abdul Manap pointed out that the IRB did not impose taxes on only a handful of people, but on all individuals whether artistes, ministers and deputy ministers, who were also subject to income tax.

Diana had vented her frustrations on social media, saying she was required to pay RM350,000 in back taxes whereas she had not submitted any documents yet.

She said that the IRB did not have the right to demand tax arrears payments from her as the agency owed her tax refunds amounting to RM100,000 instead, since last year.

Diana said she only knew she was blacklisted from travelling overseas when she wanted to go to Japan on a working trip recently.