Failure won’t douse my fighting spirit, says Linda Tsen

Linda Tsen meeting the people at a walkabout in Sandakan today.

KOTA KINABALU: Linda Tsen, the PBS candidate for the Sandakan by-election, has reminded Warisan chairman Liew Vui Keong that he had once been defeated in Sandakan in 2013, and said she would not let her past failure hold her back.

Tsen said Liew, then president of LDP, was Sandakan MP before and lost in GE13 (in 2013).

“And he came to Batu Sapi and he won. I lost to him. Do we give up just because we lost one time? No, we fight,” said Tsen, a two-term MP for Batu Sapi from 2010 to 2018.

Last night Liew had at a ceramah said that if Tsen were as good a candidate as she was made out to be, she would have won in Batu Sapi last year.

At a walkabout in Sandakan today, Tsen said: “We can see so many people that lost so many times but they still go on. We must have the fighting spirit.”

She dismissed Liew’s claim that she had done nothing when she was in the government. “Now I am preparing all the documents to prove what I did in Batu Sapi when I was MP,” she said.

“For example I helped many schools, made pedestrian walkways, helped the Batu Sapi mosque and the people’s housing project. From my MP’s fund, I did a lot of charity and basic infrastructures.

“I also helped in getting the road widened in a cemetery for an association and also helped the churches,” she said.

She said she would prepare a list of all her works.