Special Branch confirms handphones of AG, chief sec hacked

The Edge says the handphones of the attorney-general, chief secretary to the government and some ministers were hacked last week.

PETALING JAYA: Special Branch director Abdul Hamid Bador has confirmed a report that several handphones, including those of Attorney-General Tommy Thomas and Chief Secretary to the Government Ismail Bakar, were hacked last week.

The report in The Edge today also claimed that some ministers’ handphones were hacked although it was not known how many or who their owners were.

Quoting sources, the report said the Special Branch “confirmed” that the phones were hacked and that police reports had been lodged.

The report said it was understood that Thomas had discontinued using his old handphone number as it had been hacked and that he was now using a new one.

On May 9 last year, both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan leaders claimed that their handphones had been hacked and that they were being spammed by calls from overseas.