Act now, group tells cops after celebrity dad canes 9-year-old for not wearing tudung

A screengrab from a video showing Aliff Syukri treating the back of his nine-year-old daughter after he caned her for removing her tudung.

PETALING JAYA: A group representing women lawyers has urged authorities to act quickly on a police report against celebrity Aliff Syukri, who was said to have caned his nine-year-old daughter for not wearing the hijab or Muslim headscarf.

The Association of Women Lawyers reminded the authorities of the Child Act 2001, saying the case is not complicated as the video of Aliff treating his daughter’s wound had been uploaded on his Instagram.

“Aliff Syukri is successful, influential, and a role model for many but he is not above the law. It’s time the authorities sit up and take action,” the group’s spokesman Aisha Zanariah Abdullah said.

The group said the Welfare Department and police should show their commitment to protecting children by acting quickly “instead of waiting for forms to be filled and information to be officially handed over”.

Yesterday, an NGO against child abuse lodged a police report against Aliff.

Protect and Save the Children said Aliff had violated Section 31 of the Child Act and Domestic Violence Act.

The video, which sparked outrage among internet users, has so far garnered close to a million views.

It shows Aliff explaining to his daughter why he caned her on the back and reminding her not to remove her headscarf. The child is heard groaning in pain as she answers her father.

“Today, dad caned you because dad wants you to understand the meaning of a woman’s dignity. Qadejah has this habit of sometimes removing her tudung in front of strange men. Maybe she is still young but I want to educate her from young so that she knows her limits… cover the aurat,” Aliff said in an Instagram post last week together with the clip.

Aliff later responded angrily by telling the public to “mind their own business”.

“So you want to wait till the day she appears nude and dresses sexily?” he asked.

But Aisha questioned how Aliff could claim he was trying to protect the little girl’s modesty when he had uploaded the video “for the entire world to see”.

“It is self-aggrandisement, and shameless self-promotion which includes the exploitation of his child(ren),” the statement said.

“It is all very well for Aliff Syukri to post about himself and his various exploits. To involve his children, however, by showing them at their most vulnerable, is exploitative and must be stopped.”

Aliff owns several cosmetic and herbal product companies, and frequently shares his videos on social media. He has also been featured in several local drama series.