No hate speech during Ramadan, Mujahid tells mosques

PARIT BUNTAR: Stern action would be taken against those who sow hatred in mosques during the fasting month, Ramadan, which begins next week, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mujahid Yusof.

He said such action was necessary to ensure mosques were free of politics which could divide Muslims and tarnish the government’s image.

‘’We will act against those labelling a person deviant and calling others infidels because mosques must be free from political ideologies.

‘’We must not slander during Ramadan because it can create numerous problems which can break up families,’’ said Mujahid, who is in charge of Islamic affairs.

He told reporters after launching a Ramadan event here today that the Perak Islamic Religious Department had issued circulars so that mosques and suraus would not hold religious lectures during Ramadan.

Mujahid, who is also the Parit Buntar MP, said allegations that the current administration did not defend Islam could negate Putrajaya’s contributions to Islam.

“The government has taken action against those who insulted Islam.

“We have also acted against those who insulted the king and those who threatened the mufti. So who says we haven’t done anything?” he said.

Separately, Mujahid said the government had increased the allocation for the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to RM1.2 billion from RM1.1 billion.

His ministry had also contributed RM30,000 to 30 mosques in the Krian district with each mosque getting RM1,000 for breaking-of-fast programmes during Ramadan.