Prove Warisan is assisting illegals, dares Leiking

Warisan deputy president Darell Leiking (fourth from right) taking a group photo with some of the Warisan delegates earlier today.

KOTA KINABALU: Warisan deputy president Darell Leiking has described allegations that Warisan is assisting illegal immigrants as nothing but slander against the party.

Speaking to reporters after opening the Warisan Youth and Wirawati meeting in Penampang today, Leiking said he had always asked for proof from those who accused Warisan of abetting illegal immigrants but none could back up their allegations with solid evidence.

“Why can’t they provide the proof? Because they know all these allegations are not true.”

Instead, Leiking said he suspected that these individuals making such comments know what happened during the previous government and if they provided the evidence, their friends will be the ones who will get into trouble.

Earlier this week, Sabah PPBM coordinator and Sulaman assemblyman Hajiji Noor voiced his concern about the Warisan-led state government’s plan to regularise illegal immigrants in Sabah.

He defended his statement by saying that he was only voicing the concerns raised by the people, especially after seeing many foreigners flocking to commissioner of oath offices to get their documents verified.

Besides, he said there had been many police reports lodged by those concerned about the presence of so many foreigners in their midst.

Queries have been raised on how this youth got his permanent resident card so easily.

Recently, photos of a MyPR card were circulated on social media and received many comments with members of the public raising questions how a youth could have received permanent resident status at such a young age.

They also questioned the address on the card, which is in Tambunan, a predominantly Dusun area, raising suspicion that the information on the card was fabricated.

PR status is granted by the state government to individuals who have been staying in Sabah for more than five years and have fulfilled the criteria under the law.

Money politics rampant?

On another matter, Leiking vowed to get to the bottom of rumours that money politics was rampant during the ongoing Warisan party elections.

“We must address and probe these allegations immediately regardless of whether they are true or not. If it’s proven that they are true, then we must discipline them and bring them to court.”

He insisted that the party will take action because such problems must be nipped in the bud.

Some Warisan members and candidates for the party elections have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction over certain people who have been going around giving out RM100 to each of the delegates in return for votes.

Some of these individuals were even identified as holding ministerial positions, although it is not clear whether they are state or federal ministers.

Warisan Youth, Wirawati chiefs returned unopposed

Meanwhile, Warisan Youth chief Azis Jamman and Wirawati chief Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis were returned to their posts unopposed.

Speaking to the media later, Azis said youth members have the freedom to criticise the party leadership for the good of the party.

“We must say what is wrong so that we can build a better Sabah. We criticise for a better administration,” he said.

As for the Warisan manifesto, Azis, who is also the deputy home minister, said the party will try hard to achieve what was promised to the youths, such as getting RM100 million for youth development.

However, he said the people must give time to the state leadership to restore the financial situation and to fulfil what has been promised.

Munirah said the call to fill 30% of party and government ranks with women was “offensive” as it implied that women are not strong or capable and need a quota to go up.

“If you ask me, I’d like women to be evaluated on their capabilities, not merely because they are women. Leadership shouldn’t be evaluated based on gender, race or religion. If you are good then you are good, that’s it.

“There are so many strong and talented women out there.”

For Warisan, she said the party does not only look at gender but will reward members based on merit.