My social media accounts hacked, claims Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim says his Port Dickson office computers and social media accounts were hacked last Friday.

PETALING JAYA: Port Dickson MP Anwar Ibrahim said his office computers and social media accounts have been hacked and cautioned the public to verify information purportedly coming from his official sources.

The PKR president said the hacking was discovered last Friday but he did not specify which platforms were affected.

“We are working with the relevant authorities to resolve this issue of cyber intrusion,” Bernama quoted him as saying in a statement today.

Anwar said cyber attacks were becoming a major issue as more people embraced social media and repeated his call for better safeguards.

He said individuals were resorting to cyber attacks for immediate gain or to create disorder.

He said attention should not only be given to data and artificial intelligence but must also be balanced with reasonable protection against cyber attacks.

“These issues are also being addressed and will be a focus of the Digital Native Agenda (DNA23),” he said.