Cops detain tahfiz school warden suspected of sodomising students

(AFP pic)

KANGAR: A hostel warden who was said to have sodomised two students and molested three others at a tahfiz school at Simpang Empat here was detained at midnight last night.

Perlis police chief Noor Mushar Mohamad, when contacted, said the 28-year-old suspect from Bandar Baharu, Kulim, Kedah, was detained by a team from the Kuala Kangsar district police headquarters at a tahfiz school there (Kuala Kangsar) at 12.10am.

He said the suspect admitted sodomising, molesting and sexually disturbing his victims, aged from nine to 15 years, during a preliminary investigation

The suspect, who arrived in the compound of the Kangar Court at about 10.45am today, was remanded for seven days from today until May 17 to help in the investigation.

A police report against the suspect was made by a staff of the tahfiz school where the suspect worked on Thursday at the Simpang Empat police station.

The suspect had fled to Perak after finding out about the police report.

The media reported that two tahfiz school students claimed they were sodomised while three others said they were molested by their hostel warden at the tahfiz school.

The incidents were uncovered after one of the sodomy suspects, aged 15, stepped forward to lodge a complaint on April 24, claiming he was sodomised and forced to perform sexual acts in the warden’s room.

The victim also claimed that the suspect threatened to hit him if the incidents were reported but the victim, who could not stand being abused in such a manner, decided to lodge the complaint.