Be serious about obtaining PSV licence, govt tells e-hailing drivers

E-hailing drivers want the government to give them six more months to comply with the new ruling.

PETALING JAYA: The transport ministry has told e-hailing drivers to be serious about obtaining their public service vehicle (PSV) licence, saying it has no plan to extend the July 12 deadline.

This follows a call by e-hailing drivers to the government to extend the deadline by six months, citing such factors as steep fees and a difficult PSV test.

Deputy Transport Minister Kamarudin Jaafar said the government could not give any guarantee that the drivers would be given more time.

“This decision was made a year ago. July is still two months away. I am calling on the drivers to comply with the deadline,” he told FMT.

Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook had previously said action would be taken against e-hailing drivers operating without a PSV licence after July 12.

Application for the licence opened on Jan 1.

Under the ruling, e-hailing drivers require insurance for their vehicles. Vehicles over three years old must also be be sent to Puspakom for inspection.

Earlier, Grab Drivers Malaysia Association president Arif Asyraf Ali said less than 10% of the estimated 200,000 drivers had applied for the licence.

He said the government should extend the deadline by another six months.

Arif said that among the problems faced by his members were steep fees and a difficult test.

He claimed that many drivers found it difficult to pass the PSV test, adding that they were given questions which were irrelevant to the e-hailing industry.

Kamarudin, however, said the government had been trying to accommodate the drivers “as much as possible”.

He urged them to “take the test seriously” and focus on obtaining the licence by July 12.