Clooney should be more aware of what he is saying, Wisma Putra says

Hollywood actor George Clooney. (Reuters pic)

PUTRAJAYA: Wisma Putra today shot back at George Clooney’s “warning shot” to Malaysia should the government introduce anti-gay laws, such as those that neighbour Brunei had initially wanted to implement.

“He should be more aware about what he is saying,” Deputy Foreign Minister Marzuki Yahya said on the sidelines of a PPBM event here this evening.

But Marzuki said as a Muslim-majority country, people here did not accept an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) lifestyle.

While Malaysia does not have laws against gays, it criminalises unnatural sex which includes sodomy.

The award-winning actor recently appeared on a talk show where he discussed the calls for a boycott of nine hotels owned by Brunei following plans to stone people to death for gay sex or adultery.

The Brunei sultan later said the death penalty would not be imposed.

In a speech earlier, PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad told newcomers to the party, such as those from Sabah, to act in a way that would not tarnish the country’s image.

Mahathir said this was important as the country was already known as a kleptocracy.

“We want to go back to be regarded as a democracy,” he said.

PPBM spread its wings to Sabah last month.

Mahathir also told PPBM members who did not get any government position not to be disheartened.

He said while he knew they were upset about this because they had given everything to topple the previous administration, they should keep in mind that the ruling coalition had a promise to keep – that “we will not abuse our power to enrich ourselves”.