Sell Touch ‘N Go cards in buses, RapidKL told

PETALING JAYA: A consumer association has asked public bus company RapidKL to make it easier for passengers to go cashless, after a complaint that some passengers in Gombak had been left stranded for not having prepaid Touch ‘N Go cards for paying their fares.

Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca) deputy president Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman said it was only right for RapidKL to sell the card in the bus.

“Senior citizens and new passengers may not know about the switch. It is not right if they can’t take public transport, all because they don’t have the card. The bus company should make the switch to paying cashless as seamless and as easy for people to take public transport.

“Why can’t they sell the cards loaded with a minimal cost in the bus,” he said.

A Twitter account holder named Asal Gombak said that the RapidKL bus servicing the Gombak area would only use Touch ‘N Go cards from May 13.

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“The information received says a lot of people could not travel by bus today because they did not have the card.”

The RapidKL buses involved are 200, 201, 202, T201, T202 and T203.

FMT’s checks with RapidKL showed that the Touch ‘N Go card is available at certain stations.

In April, RapidKL, which carries more than 400,000 bus passengers daily had said it is implementing full electronic payment for all its routes from the middle of this month.

The exercise will be carried out in stages and began with its Ampang corridor on April 15.