Kota Kinabalu hit by flash floods

A view of a flooded section of Kota Kinabalu. (WhatsApp pic)

KOTA KINABALU: What was meant to be a normal rush hour turned into mayhem after a sudden downpour caused flash floods in various parts of the city here today.

Social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook became the main platform for motorists to share information about the floods which have already caused dozens of cars to be partly submerged in water.

Areas heavily affected included the city’s main hospital, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, with its parking lot completely covered by at least 30cm of water.

Footage taken by a resident near the hospital showed a 4WD vehicle getting stuck in the floods. The motorist didn’t realise he was driving near a roadside drain.

The rain, which lasted about 40 minutes, also caused massive congestion along major roads as visibility was low.

Water rose quickly due to clogged monsoon drains in some places.

Another view of a flooded section in Kota Kinabalu. (WhatsApp pic)

The Fire and Rescue Department said they did not receive any emergency call to assist with road accidents.

“There was bad traffic congestion because the rain started during rush hour. We received some reports of water entering houses but the situation is under control.

“Even our station in Sembulan was flooded,” said a spokesperson.

The flash floods subsided an hour after the rain stopped.

Sabah’s west coast, where Kota Kinabalu is situated, has just come out of a prolonged dry season.