Make right decisions without fear or favour, AG tells judges

Attorney-General Tommy Thomas.

PUTRAJAYA: Attorney-General Tommy Thomas says judges must always endeavour to make the right decisions, without fear or favour, and regardless of the personality of the party or the accused before them.

He said it was the only way for the judiciary to recover its glory and take care of its credibility.

If Malaysian judges can reach the correct decisions regularly and consistently, the public will have full confidence in the judiciary, he said at a ceremony to honour the appointment of Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat as chief justice.

He said 30 years after Merdeka, the Malaysian judiciary enjoyed a high reputation, with judges like Lord Presidents Muhamed Suffian Muhamed Hashim, Raja Azlan Shah and Justice Eusoffee Abdoolcader.

“I suggest that the principal reason why Malaysian judges were held in high esteem during this period was because they were invariably making right, correct or proper decisions, according to the evidence and the law,” he said.

Thomas said Tengku Maimun’s unmatched abilities would steer the judicial ship in safe and calm waters.

He said her appointment as chief justice was a recognition of the critical role played by women in the administration of justice.

“Women dominate law faculties and form a majority of the practising Bar. In my chambers, three-quarters of our lawyers are women.”

He said Tengku Maimun’s elevation had nothing to do with gender but was based on her integrity, independence, intelligence, diligence and temperament.