Sungai Siput MP denies sexual harassment report by woman

Sungai Siput MP Kesavan Subramaniam

PETALING JAYA: Sungai Siput MP Kesavan Subramaniam has denied an allegation of sexual harassment made against him by a woman and described it as “malicious”.

The PKR MP issued a statement today acknowledging that he is the man accused of sexually harassing the woman, who claimed to be his former aide, in a police report yesterday.

However, he denied the allegation, saying the woman was never his former parliamentary research officer, and that she had taken advantage of him and his family, and tried to disrupt his household.

Kesavan said he first met the woman — who is married and has two children — in 2017 when he was serving as Hutan Melintang assemblyman.

He said she offered to help him sort out the issue of phantom voters in the constituency.

He said he accepted her offer as he had with many others who volunteered their assistance to him.

“After I became the Sungai Siput MP, she expressed a desire to (continue helping me) voluntarily, even though she had a family.

“At that moment, she behaved like a friend to me and my wife. She also invited us to vacation with her in Melaka.

“Over time, the frequency (of her calls) grew up to 10 times a day. If I did not answer, she would get angry. There were times when the conversation went on for more than one hour,” he said.

Kesavan accused the woman, who lives in Puchong, of interfering in his domestic affairs, saying she wanted to make his marriage problematic.

He said she had also claimed to be his special assistant and had “telephoned government officials and given instructions on my behalf”.

“She also urged me to allow her to follow me to Parliament. I gave a letter to the security department at Parliament to allow her to enter,” he said.

However, Kesavan said he did not raise the matter earlier because he sympathised with the woman.

He said he would cooperate with the police investigation, including submitting “evidence” showing how the woman tried to disrupt his family life and the “threats” he received.

Yesterday, the woman lodged a police report claiming she had been a victim of sexual harassment.

She alleged that the behaviour of the MP changed between December last year and April this year, when he allegedly called her “ammu” and “cayang” at every meeting.

The woman claimed that she blocked his phone number because he kept calling her up to 50 times a day.

She claimed that on each occasion, he would cry and give excuses that he was lacking affection and wished to find true love.

She also alleged that at the end of April, the man made video calls to her, showing the Kamasutra book and sending her obscene pictures.

Last night, Selangor CID chief Fadzil Ahmat confirmed that police had received a report and said investigations were ongoing.