DAP man out on bail after alleged threat to OCPD

PETALING JAYA: A divisional leader of Pahang DAP has been released on bail after he was arrested for allegedly sending a threatening message to Jerantut police chief Mazlan Hassan.

Pahang police chief Zakaria Ahmad confirmed that Jerantut division chief Loo Why Leong had been released after his statement had been recorded.

Jerantut police had earlier said that Loo had been arrested for alleged criminal intimidation and his mobile phone seized when he had gone to the police station to make a statement after Mazlan had lodged a police report about the chat message.

Images of the message had been circulated widely on social media, in which Loo had allegedly said that “Sesiapa nak lawan PH, akan datang dia pun tak boleh aman” (“Whoever wants to go against PH won’t be at peace in future”).

The message had been sent to Mazlan.

According to the images of the message, the DAP man was angry at being arrested when he had tried to stop police from detaining the district DAP secretary in an investigation into the sale of illicit cigarettes and liquor, and confiscation of the goods.

Pahang DAP chairman Leong Ngah Ngah confirmed that Loo had been detained, New Straits Times Online reported.