Fuziah: Lynas must solve waste problem first

The Lynas rare-earth plant has been the target of protests for several years.

KUANTAN: It is mandatory for Lynas Malaysia to solve the problem of waste from its rare earth processing plant here, even if it intended to move its operations to other countries.

Pahang Pakatan Harapan chairman Fuziah Salleh said Lynas must also be responsible for the welfare of the plant’s workers and respect their rights under the labour law if the company terminated their operations here.

“it is mandatory that Lynas solve the problems of waste in Gebeng if they are to move. It is their responsibility. Leaving Malaysia does not mean they do not have to settle the problem of a large amount of waste here. ’They can leave Malaysia but must be responsible for their workers and their waste,’’ she said in a statement here today.

Fuziah, who is also MP for Kuantan, said this when commenting on news report that Lynas Corp had signed a memorandum of understanding with Blue Line Corp of Texas, in the United States, to build a new factory there.

The action was allegedly due to the development in Malaysia which had directed Lynas to take out its waste before renewing its operating licence, which would end on Sept 2.