Debate on kleptocracy fine, let’s do it after Raya, Najib tells Kit Siang

Najib Razak says his debate with Lim Kit Siang should be telecast live.

PETALING JAYA: Najib Razak has agreed to Lim Kit Siang’s proposal to debate kleptocracy and suggested that it be held after the Hari Raya celebrations and telecast live.

The DAP supremo had earlier welcomed a debate dare from the former prime minister and suggested that the topic be about how Malaysia became a global kleptocracy and how it “can become a leading nation of integrity”.

“My officer will get in touch with Kit Siang’s officer to organise this debate,” Najib said in a Facebook post.

The Pekan MP also said that while he was open to debating the proposed topic, other topics should be included.

While he did not suggest other topics, Najib has in the past criticised the Pakatan Harapan administration on its policies, including Putrajaya’s u-turns and issues related to the country’s economic performance.

Lim had, in welcoming Najib’s challenge to debate, earlier suggested the topic on kleptocracy and said that the ball was in “Najib’s court”.

In an interview with FMT, Najib said a debate with Lim would allow the public to judge them on their stand on certain issues.

“He can ask me anything, even 1MDB. And I can ask him anything. In the spirit of a healthy democracy, he should take up the challenge,” he said.

Earlier today, Najib said he now has more free time to take on his political opponents, including Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

In an immediate response to Najib’s latest statement, Lim said he has no objection to other topics being discussed at the debate but the subject must not be changed.

He said the subject must clearly be publicised as “How Malaysia became a global kleptocracy and how can we become a leading nation of integrity”.

Lim said he is appointing his political secretary, Syahredzan Johan, and parliamentary liaison officer, Ahmad Faiz Mustafa, to liaise with Najib’s officers on details of the debate after Hari Raya.

He welcomed those who have views on the subject to contact him.