Sarawak Islamic department to announce if White Rabbit has pig gelatin

KUCHING: The Sarawak Islamic Religious Department (Jais) will conduct laboratory tests on the popular China-made candy “White Rabbit”, following a claim by authorities in neighbouring Brunei that it contains porcine gelatin or pig protein.

Assistant minister Abdul Rahman Junaidi, who is the minister in charge of Islamic affairs in Sarawak, also took note that the candy does not carry the halal logo.

He said an announcement will be made if tests find the claim that it contains non-halal ingredients is true.

“We have done it on other products as well. If there are reports by people about food products which are suspected to be non-halal, we will conduct a lab test and give an official notification to the public,” he said.

He said the sweets would remain on the shelves for now.

Brunei’s Islamic affairs ministry claimed the product contains porcine gelatin, following tests by the country’s halal food control division and health ministry.