Johor to form committee to study influx of foreigners

Job opportunities are the main attraction for foreigners looking to enter Johor, says state exco.

BATU PAHAT: The Johor government plans to set up a special committee to control the influx of foreigners entering the state to seek employment.

Aminolhuda Hassan, chairman of the state Education, Human Resource, Science and Technology Committee, said there is no agency at present to control the entry of foreigners, especially those who are illegal and not registered as workers.

He said the influx of foreigners into the state, especially those seeking employment, had been increasing over the years. He said this was worrying as it affects locals’ opportunities to work in certain sectors.

“From our observation, there are four types of foreigners who come to work in this country and state.

“First, there are those who came in legally. Second are those who use student passes. Those in the third group use tourist passes and those in the last group come in illegally,” he told reporters after a buka puasa event at Masjid Felcra Sri Wangi here last night.

Aminolhuda said the main attraction for foreigners who enter the state is the wealth of job opportunities there compared to the situation in their own countries.

He said there are many entry points to the state, especially the sea route which is more accessible than land and air routes.

“As human resources exco, I am also proposing that there be a health screening for foreign workers coming to this country, as is required of students who pursue their studies here.

“We will work with the health agencies in the state so that those (foreigners) who are at risk or have certain illnesses which may endanger locals are not permitted to enter the state,” he said.