Act on old ‘secret’ reports to solve problem of illegals, urges PBS

Six men showing copies of the completed registration forms, which bear the Warisan and National Registration Department logos.

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah today urged the state government to continue the previous administration’s efforts to stop illegal immigrants from obtaining Malaysian citizenship.

PBS Supreme Council member Arthur Sen said this should be done by implementing the recommendations of the royal commission of inquiry on illegal immigrants in Sabah.

He said the previous state and the federal governments had set up a permanent committee and a technical committee to help find solutions to the problem.

“The technical committee, chaired by former PBS president Joseph Pairin Kitingan, had completed two reports and handed them over to the relevant authority.

“However, these reports have been classified as secret documents under the Official Secrets Act. I propose that the current government review these reports,” he said.

Sen said this when commenting on recent viral photos showing what looked like application forms, bearing the logos of Warisan and the National Registration Department.

The NRD has denied issuing these forms.

The forms are believed to have been issued by syndicates, out to trick illegal immigrants into thinking that they are genuine government officials empowered to grant Malaysian identity cards to the illegal immigrants.

Sen said Deputy Home Minister Azis Jamman, in his statement, seemed to confirm that there are still syndicates actively selling Malaysian citizenship through dubious means in Sabah.

“In the RCI report, there were numerous testimonies on the existence of Projek IC and syndicates selling identity cards to illegal immigrants.

“That is why proposals such as recalling and reissuing all identity cards to Sabahans have been put forward.

“For eligible Sabahans, there is no problem in them obtaining these identity cards. I think this recommendation could clean up the fake citizenship problem.”

Sen said the job of cleaning up the problem had been made easier by the previous government because of the reports prepared by the RCI technical committee.

Unfortunately, he said after more than a year in power, the Warisan-led state government remained silent on what they intend to do with these documents or whether they would continue to implement the RCI recommendations to solve the illegal immigrant problem.

He said the state government should not blame the people for being suspicious especially when nothing is being done to address problems related to Projek IC and the sale of identity cards.

“Of course, the people are nervous when they see news or photos relating to the claims that illegal immigrants are being given genuine identity cards,” he said.