Cops hunt woman for maid assault, Interpol alerted

KUCHING: Police are believed to be seeking the help of Interpol to locate a woman who had allegedly assaulted the family’s Filipino maid here.

The maid, aged 39, has alleged that she was hit and kicked profusely and her documents, such as copies of her work permit, contract and other papers taken away from her by her assailant.

“I think I was hit more than 20 times on my body and head. My left leg is fractured. She even hit my head on the wall repeatedly and also with a vase, which caused me to bleed,” she said, adding that her assailant had fled to Britain.

It is believed that she had worked for the family here from 2012 to 2014.

She is also believed to have had an affair with a British national until 2017.

She recently contacted the man for help to renew her work permit. As she could not pay the RM1,500 fee for the permit, she agreed to work for him to earn the cash.

She said the man’s wife had told her daughter about the affair, which led to the assault.

The maid, who is being treated in a private hospital, alleged that the family had warned her against making a police report, failing which the medical bills would not be paid.

Last week, Bandar Kuching MP Kelvin Yii had posted an account of the incident after receiving a public tip off and later lodged a police report.

“When I saw her and the condition that she is in, my heart broke. She apparently suffered severe lacerations to her scalp (50 stitches), a broken ulnar (hand), ‘smashed’ wrist and metacarpal bones (palm) and also a broken leg,” he said.

Yii told FMT that a lawyer from the Philippines Embassy in Kuala Lumpur would be coming on Wednesday to look into the case.