Federal police to review molest case against ex-CEO

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PETALING JAYA: Federal police are to reopen investigations into allegations that a former company chief executive had molested his daughters, according to a news report.

Assistant Commissioner Choo Lily of federal police headquarters said the case would be thoroughly reviewed to obtain a clearer picture on what transpired.

The case had been shelved – declared NFA (no further action) – for lack of sufficient evidence to warrant prosecution, as government prosecutors had claimed that there were not enough statements, Choo told the New Straits Times.

“As to why it was explained as thus (not enough statements), I am unsure as I have yet to get the full details of the case,” she was quoted as saying. “Further investigations will be carried out.”

She said the case had occurred before she took over as principal assistant director of D11, the unit that investigates sexual offences and offences against women and children.

She said the case had been classified as confidential, and there was also a lack of additional information.

The man was reportedly arrested last week and held in remand for three days after he allegedly trespassed into the home of his former wife. It was claimed that the ex-wife had lodged at least 15 police reports against him since 2015 after the couple split up.