Shame on you, PSM tells DAP’s Nga over school block’s naming

Nga Kor Ming says a school in Taiping is showing its gratitude by naming a block after him.

PETALING JAYA: Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) has condemned Nga Kor Ming for not rejecting a Chinese school’s decision to name a new block after him, saying the DAP leader should learn from Dr Mahathir Mohamad who refuses to have public places named after him.

PSM Cental Committee member S Arutchelvan also described Nga’s excuse that the decision was not his own but was taken by the school board as “unacceptable and disgusting”.

“Even if it was the school board’s decision to pick his name, yet he can always be magnanimous in declining and telling the board not to do so,” Arutchelvan said.

“Maybe he should learn something from his boss Mahathir on this,” he added.

The SJK(C) Sin Min in Taiping, Perak recently decided to name a new block after Nga, drawing criticism from MCA.

Nga, who is also the Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker, has since defended the move, saying it was the school’s way of thanking him for helping to obtain the certificate of completion and compliance from the authorities.

He said the move by the school also showed that Malaysians were courteous.

Arutchelvan also took Nga to task for reasoning that the practice of naming school blocks after politicians started during the previous administration.

“He is supposed to undo these bad practices. Being a Deputy Speaker, he should show exemplary qualities and should decline or direct the school board not to do so.”