Registering e-hailing passengers needs access to NRD, says operator

PETALING JAYA: An e-hailing firm said the suggestion of getting passengers of e-hailing services to register using their identity cards or passports can only work if the government agrees to it.

Mohd Faizul Ezmin, the community development manager of e-hailing provider Decentralised Alternative Cabs Serving and Empowering Everyone (Dacsee), said this was because e-hailing companies were not linked to the National Registration Department (NRD) or the Immigration Department.

“We need the NRD to verify the identity because it is possible for people to key in a false MyKad.

“We tested this before by using a false identity card number and we still managed to access the account. Where is the security in that?

“If we want to impose a system where passengers are required to use their MyKad, the government must give e-hailing operators access to NRD to verify the MyKad,” he told FMT.

He was commenting on calls made by the Malaysian e-Hailing Drivers Association (Mehda) for e-hailing operators to ensure all passengers register using their identity cards to protect drivers following the robbery-cum-murder of a Grab driver in Sabah recently.

Mehda president Daryl Chong said this was the most fundamental thing that the industry should address.

He said currently it was easy for anyone to register to be a Grab passenger. All they need is to obtain a handphone SIM card and use any name to be a passenger, he added.

Faizul said the suggestion had been raised before at a Grab town hall and a few e-hailing companies had tried to do it but failed because they were not linked to the NRD.

He said the same applied to passport verification, as it had to go through the Immigration Department.

However, the founder of e-hailing company MyCar, Mohd Noah Maideen, said there was no need for stringent measures such as this proposal.

“I believe the situation is still under control, where all passengers for e-hailing need to be registered in the system.

“At least we have that information — phone numbers, email and names — to use in any event of a crime or misdeed by a passenger.

“From there, we can track them and help the police to catch any passenger who has committed a crime.”

He said the e-hailing service was better and safer compared with the taxi service as taxi drivers did not possess any information about their passengers.

Sabah police had arrested two men in connection with the robbery-cum-murder of Mohd Hanafiee Jaffar, 27, whose body was found dumped near bushes in Sabandar, Tuaran.

Hanafiee’s car was found parked near a Ramadan bazaar in Indah Permai in Tuaran at 12.30am on May 26. The car was locked but there were blood stains on the steering wheel, handbrake, the inside windscreen and the front door.

News reports said the Grab car driver may have been killed over RM80. He had multiple stab wounds in the chest.

He was believed to have picked up two suspects at about 4am and was supposed to take them to Tuaran as requested in the e-hailing app.