Suspects’ Facebook accounts under attack after murder of Grab driver

Grab car driver Mohd Hanafiee Jaafar was stabbed multiple times in what is believed to be a robbery-cum-murder.

KOTA KINABALU: Angry internet users have tracked down what are believed to be the social media accounts of two men suspected of robbing and murdering a Grab car driver, which have seen a flood of heated comments since the duo were arrested several days ago.

Although the authorities have yet to release their names, the Facebook accounts have been swamped with comments from Sabahans, many of whom said they could not wait to see them face the judge.

Recent activity on one of the accounts, including an update to the cover photo on May 27, just days after the crime was allegedly committed, was met with scorn.

A video of the alleged suspect singing along to several songs posted the day before also received brickbats, with the bulk of over 4,500 comments posted by social media users expressing hope that the law would hand him the worst punishment possible.

On May 27, Sabah police picked up two suspects at the 1Borneo Shopping Mall, a local and a foreigner.

The two men, aged 20 and 24, were the last passengers of Grab car driver Mohd Hanafiee Jaafar who was reported missing on Sunday.

Police said both suspects had admitted to murdering Hanafiee and dumping his body in an area in Tuaran. The motive is believed to be robbery.

Sabah police chief Omar Mammah said yesterday that police are still waiting for the official cause of death. However, he revealed that Hanafiee, 27, had been stabbed multiple times in the right side of his chest.

Sabah CID chief Jauteh Dikun said Hanafiee had probably put up a fight before he was overcome.

The suspects were remanded for seven days to facilitate investigations under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

One Facebook user said the suspects should be hanged in public and that the foreigner’s family members should be sent back to their home country.

“If this happened in Thailand, Vietnam or Hong Kong, trust me, you will be killed by the public before the police can catch you. Someone will find you,” said another user.

Still another said: “You robbed RM80, divide by two, each got RM40 and you used the money to buy top up to do this live video. Stupid. I hope you die by hanging.”

Social media users also slammed the family of the local suspect, spreading a photo of a couple and a young girl believed to be his parents and sister.

Many of them called for the duo to be handed the death penalty.