This Hari Raya, a ceasefire video from FMT

A healthy democracy requires some squabbling, and even mud-slinging, among politicians. After all, this is what keeps the ruling government in check.

We fear that democracy will be undermined when politicians stop squabbling. We feel that their daily rage is good for the country. And so, democracy is celebrated with mud-slinging, name-calling and tit-for-tats.

In an age where politicians are able to express themselves without having to go through the media, these markers of democracy sometimes seem endless.

But even they should sometimes take a short break.

This Hari Raya, FMT approached politicians of every persuasion to come together for a video wishing Malaysians a blessed Eid.

Some were initially reluctant, fearing that their appearance in a video that features their opponents would be misinterpreted.

But even the media would find it difficult to twist a genuine Hari Raya greeting.

To those who agreed to meet on common ground for a few short moments, thank you.

This is not a call for politicians to put aside political differences. Keep fighting and keep arguing.

But for now, let’s come together and celebrate Aidilfitri in the spirit of true harmony.